A Spy Phone the Definition

A spy phone by definition is a phone that has been adapted in some way to covertly monitor either another person or place. That definition may be fine but there are so many variations of this subject.

Most people when looking for a spy phone start with the idea of secretly listening to calls or recording people without their knowledge. The marketing of these types of products is often geared towards the secret spying angle. These spy phones can be so much more and of course there are the many legal issues to be aware of. Let’s have a look at some different types of phone and what you can do with them.

Forget the marketing hype, most of what it describes is actually illegal in most countries. There are strict privacy laws in place to protect us from the use of most surveillance equipment.

You can’t for example simply record people without their knowledge and agreement. You can not install secret software on a cell phone you do not own. With most spy type equipment the company selling them will always have a disclaimer somewhere stating that it is your responsibility to use it in a legal way.


A Cell Phone or a Regular Phone?

Today the term spy phone usually refers to a cell or mobile phone, simply because these are the most used and most adaptable. You can of course do similar things with a regular land-line but with these the legal implications are even more extreme especially when you begin to tamper with equipment and lines owned by the major telecom companies.

Using Software to Create a Spy Phone

This is probably the most popular type of spy phone today. There are many companies offering different cell phone spy software applications some honest and reliable but others quite shady.

Most work in similar ways by installing a hidden software program on a target cell phone. This can allow you to monitor the phone activity as well as many other features depending on the program. Three of the best software programs I have personally used are from Mobile Spy, Mobistealth and StealthGenie. In its most basic form this software allows you to view things such as all call and text logs, time and duration of calls, internet use and for some you can even listen to a live call remotely. They can be very powerful and quite complex programs.

A Spy Phone as a Bug

It can be a phone that is used to record its surroundings. This might simply be a phone that looks and acts like a phone but has a hidden recording device and microphone. You can also do this with some of the software spy packages and control the microphone on a modern cell phone remotely using it as a recording device. Again just beware of your legal obligations.

A Spy Phone as a Tracking Device

This is easily done with the good spy phone software packages. The software has the ability to track the movements of the cell phone either by GPRS or using Phone mast mapping. You can see in real time where the phone is and even look at the recent movements on a map. Legal uses could be to track where your children are at any given time or use it to monitor your employees.

So you can see several unique types of spy phone just from these few examples. A spy phone can be many things for many different uses. Using cell phone spy software offers the most advanced features to get the most from your phone but always be aware of the legal requirements when using any spy equipment.

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